Amanda Linden

Amanda Linden

Head of Design at Asana

Amanda Linden is head of design at Asana. She is responsible for product and marketing design at Asana, and also the Asana brand. Prior to Asana, she was the Design Director for Intuit’s small business division. There, she led the redesign of Intuit Quickbooks web and mobile products, and also managed their payroll and payments experiences. She was previously a Director of Design at Yahoo! on the platform team. Amanda has an MBA and a BS in visual communication from UC Davis.

Speaker Sessions

Friday, November 12th

  1. The Future of Enterprise Design is Consumer UX

    For an enterprise product to achieve the greatest success, companies should deliver an experience for users that meets the same standards evident in consumer products.

  2. UX Debate

    The questions that you put forward will be put the panel. There might not be the same point of view but you will get answers from different sides of the industry. This is the main event! Will be followed with a Q&A